Churches around the world toll their bells each day until UN day Oct 24th 2016 for the victims of Aleppo massacre and to demand end to ongoing killing.

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Funeral bells are usually tolled when a coffin is escorted out of the church. Now, funeral bells are ringing as a reminder for people to respect and remember those who have had their lives taken in Aleppo.

Church bells across Finland are now ringing at 5pm every day in protest of the continued destruction of the city of Aleppo in Syria. The bells will continue to ring daily until 24 October, the United Nations Day. The bells are a demand to end the ongoing killing in besieged Aleppo, as well as an outcry against the devastating impact on the population and infrastructure caused by the bombings on the 3,000-year-old city.

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Kallio in Helsinki, Finland, took the initiative to toll their bells on 12 October. The symbolic gesture was taken on by over 230 churches in Finland and abroad, with more churches joining daily.

“There is no moral argument that can justify the bombing of humanitarian aid or that of churches. In particular, there are no grounds for the destruction of the lives of civilians, including many children”, Dr Teemu Laajasalo, vicar of the Kallio Parish says.

Everybody all around the world, join the ringing and join the protest to help stop the suffering in Aleppo.

The initiative began in the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church. However, we hope that all churches, communities, and individuals feel welcome to participate the protest and to demand end to ongoing killing in Syria.

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